Acupuncture of New England - Heidi M.Hughett, MAOM, Lic.Ac.                978-777-2707
Catherine A.-"I have been a migraine sufferer for twenty five years. On average I used to have twelve to fourteen headaches per month. My primary care physician sent me to more than one neurologist.  I was treated with various medications and mood elevators.  I eliminating certain foods and wine from my diet.  Nothing worked.  Headaches ran my life.  I missed out on many “fun activities” due to them.  Finally, I tried acupuncture in the spring of 2006.  I was skeptical at first.  The thought of having someone putting needles into my head, right where my pain was, didn’t seem very logical, but I had nothing to lose.  I was at my wits end.
After several sessions with Heidi Hughett at Acupuncture of New England, my headaches decreased in number and in severity. As my treatment continued, my progress improved.  I’m not sure I will ever be totally migraine free, but I am now able to live and enjoy life.  On days when I do have a migraine, I call on Ms. Hughett and, if she’s available, she can usually relieve my pain within minutes. I no longer take any medication.  I can truly say that I am a healthy and happier person today and that is due to Acupuncture of New England and to the ministrations of Heidi Hughett. " 
Carolyn S.-"Back pain from ruptured discs!  I am one of those individuals who will not go to the doctors unless it is the last resort.  It was and I did!  The specialist gave me three options:  physical therapy-this increased my range of motion but did not relieve the pain; prescription medication- this only masked the pain and had side effects; and an operation-this was never a consideration.  My neighbor suggested I try acupuncture.  He confided that he recently had been treated at Acupuncture of New England for “tennis elbow” and was now pain free.  I was skeptical (I know my neighbor did not play tennis).  After doing some research on acupuncture, I made an appointment with Ms. Heidi Hughett at Acupuncture of New England.  It was one of the best things I ever did for myself.  I was initially surprised by Ms. Hughett’s honesty.  Whoever heard a practioner admit that they may not be able to help your condition?  She was willing to try.  I was even more surprised by the results.  Because my back pain had manifested over a long period of time, it required a number of treatments.  These treatments had a calming effect-a no stress type of experience.  I found myself looking forward to my next appointment.  The results were beyond any of my expectations.  I still have the occasional flair up, but most of my days are pain free.  I highly recommend being treated by Heidi at Acupuncture of New England.  It worked for me.  I no longer consider acupuncture therapy just an alternative.  Heidi truly cares about her patients.”
Teresa L.-
Before I came to Acupuncture of New England, I had been struggling for almost two years with menopause symptoms, especially insomnia. Night after night I would wake up between two and three in the morning and be unable to sleep deeply after that. I tried everything but prescription sleeping pills – I just did not want to become addicted to sleep aids but I was becoming discouraged and believed that I was never going to have a good night’s sleep again. Needless to say, my sleepless nights also led to weary days and lack of energy and focus. My husband had experienced fantastic results for some muscle damage through Heidi’s treatments and I thought that maybe she could help me. After only a handful of treatments, I began to sleep through the night regularly. It was absolutely amazing! It’s been almost two years now and I continue to sleep well. I visit Heidi every 6-8 weeks to keep me from falling back into the cycle of waking up in the middle of the night.  My energy has returned and I feel so much better. Heidi made a tremendous difference in my life and I am so grateful!